The Lost Mode

The Lost Mode CD is now available on CD Baby and Magnatune:

"rich musicianship […] vigorous playfulness"
- American Recorder Magazine (September 2010)

THE LOST MODE musicians are:

Annette Bauer – recorders, sarode
Shira Kammen – vielle, harp, violin d’amore
Peter Maund – percussion
Derek Wright – oud

"The Lost Mode": An Across-Time Exploration of Musical Modes

A program of modal music bridging wide geographic regions, and re-connecting music across centuries.  Medieval music meets living modal music traditions: follow our golden thread of mode, from medieval church modes to Sephardic melodies, North African and Ottoman maqam, to modal traditions from Eastern and Southern Europe, passed on faithfully from musician to musician over centuries, yet reinvented anew with each rendition. Interpretations and improvisations that extend across, complement, and bridge the gap between written sources and oral transmission create a multi-layered exploration of modes through tones, timbres, textures, suspending boundaries of time and space.

Extended CD liner notes will available here soon for download. please check back.